Ray Lewis Deer Antler Spray debacle

ray lewis deer antler sprayThe allegation was grave. As per “Sports Illustrated” report which was published in January, Ray Lewis, the Baltimore Ravens linebacker used the drug Deer Antler Spray to recuperate from a torn triceps muscle problem. This drug was once banned but later delisted by the W.A.D.A.

Keeping in mind Lewis’s dedicated track record with Baltimore Ravens which spans over 17 seasons from 1996 to 2013, it is quite natural and his team mates and head coach John Harbaugh stood by him. Lewis himself took the report in his stride. He opined that this was an effort to disrupt the team’s performance in the Super Bowl, against the San Francisco 49ers. He felt that he has been targeted in particular since this would earn him a reputable spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He termed the entire episode as some kind of poor joke and devil’s trick! He even told team mates not to let outsiders intrude and play with their self-beliefs.

The report published in Sports Illustrated stated that Lewis actually requested the company boss of Sports With Alternatives To Steroids i.e. SWATS, for remedial measures for his torn right triceps. Actually this is one problem which forced him to stay on the sideline for 10 games. The report explained in details how Lewis himself called Mitch Ross and asked him to send deer-antler spray, pills as well as with few other items manufactured by the company.

The intriguing thing was that Ross refused an interview with The Associated Press. However in an email he termed the turn of events as unfortunate and unintentional. He stressed on providing drugs which are in no way harmful or illegal but help in fast healing of athletics only.

Considering the public stature and the kind of recognition Ray Lewis has received, many do wonder why he should play hara-kiri with his sports career that too by resorting to such unlawful tactics! However, the fact remains is that often sportspersons use drugs or products promoted by the manufacturer without clear knowledge of side effects. Now, it is anybody’s guess if Lewis has become a victim of the situation!  So now you can form your own opinion for the Ray Lewis deer antler spray situation.