The controversy involving Vijay Singh doping, PGA Tour and Deer Antler Spray

vijay singh, deer antler spray, pga tourThe Vijay SIngh doping scandal continues.  Vijay Singh also nicknamed “The Big Fijian” is a professional golfer who held the number 1 position as per Golfer World Golf Rankings for a long span of 32 weeks during 2004 and 2005. The golfer is in the news recently. Just before the start of The Players Championship which is undoubtedly considered the richest and most glamorous of all PGA tour events, the golfer filed a lawsuit against the tour. In his complaint, he blamed them of dragging his name into a controversy and tarnishing his reputation publicly through a smear campaign since last twelve weeks.

The problem started once Vijay Singh admitted to Sports Illustrated of using Deer Antler Spray. This particular drug has long since remained in controversy because of its dubious components. Once Tim Finchem, the commissioner of the PGA tour and the company came to know about Singh’s admissions, they took quite an aggressive approach. They initiated an investigation against him immediately, which was followed by suspension threat. Even winnings which happened during the course of investigation were held in escrow. The sad part is that there was no colleague standing by Singh’s side. Instead of keeping in mind his long term sports record, reporters mainly aimed at tarnishing his image by digging into several past controversies.

It should be mentioned in this regard that Deer Antler Spray is a particular product which was banned, though for a brief period, by the Anti-Doping Agency. However, the product was de-listed once the World Anti Doping Agency gave it a clean chit following which the PGA tour also dropped its enquiry into Singh. They also gave him clean chit to play. Still, this didn’t deter Singh from filing the lawsuit. The problem is golfers’ fraternity is not very supportive of his step. As per Adam Scott, such unpleasant situations should better be avoided. The PGA tour commissioner is yet to make any public statement in this regard.