Deer Antler Spray and I GF 1 – does it really work for you?

i gf 1 sprayLots of controversies are doing the round involving one particular drug, the Deer Antler Spray. Names of renowned sportspersons came up like Ray Lewis and Vijay Singh. They have been accused of using this drug which was once banned by the Anti-Doping Agency. Now why this brouhaha over a spray!

To explore this, we need to know what precisely deer antler spray is.  As per manufacturers of the drug, this product is derived from the velvet like tissue which covers antlers of a male deer. This antler velvet is then grinded into powder and sold in the form of pills or spray.

The deer antler velvet is known to contain I GF 1. This is one protein which is naturally present in the human body. A higher level of this protein helps in increasing the number of cells which in turns ensures faster generation of new muscles after any serious injury. This implies that you can recover faster from any game or exercise related injury with a dose of I GF 1. So, in theory it can be said that this protein can prove to be effective for sportspersons and children.

Antlers of male deer are known to grow quite fast. Before the horn hardens, these remain rich in I GF 1 which is completely natural and not lab derived. Hence, deer antler velvet is regarded as a dietary supplement by the Food and Drug Administration.

Manufacturers of Deer Antler Spray claim that it can help in fast recovery from injuries, sprains or torn ligaments. It can be further used to reduce inflammation in the brain which results from concussions. This drug can speed up metabolism rate, makes your joints more flexible and also takes care of your heart.

Scientists though are a bit skeptical about the intake of I GF 1 as a mouth spray. As per a study done by scientists at Baylor College in Houston, I GF 1 does promote repair of torn or damaged muscles but only when the patient is genetically modified so that he can develop more of the protein in his muscles.